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daisylou2013 replied to your post: Carol: “Looks like you need more exper…

That would have been such a Carol thing to say. If the writers see your post they’re going to kick themselves for not thinking of it for the show.

I want that to be a thing now:

Daryl attempts to flirt. Fails adorably.

Carol turns it around into a dirty joke.

Yes. I need this.

Can this be like Dary’s Book of Failed Flirts and Carols List of Comebacks…just a heads up that I totally approve of this thing. 

At moments likes these, I am thankful to the people I follow. 

A) I have never seen any kind of hate
B) I have seen only wonderful drawings, gifs, edits, fanfiction, essays, and videos
C) I have maintained my positivity through the #Operation Levity and USS Caryl
D) I have met some wonderful Carylers and Walking Dead fans alike.
E) Let’s be honest here…we are Walking Dead fans FIRST before our ships

So with that being said, I am totally indifferent to anything that’s going on in other tags because “frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.”

I love the relationship between Carol and Daryl, their special bond has always been a highlight of the show for me. The show made it that the bond they built on the farm, and in the prison reached a precipice. I simply love it, and I always will whether it be platonic, or romantic…

Either way continue reblogging, liking, creating, writing, positive thoughts and ideas about a show that we love so much. It just makes the fandom as a whole a lot more enjoyable, and welcoming to not only new fans but to the actors and producers of the show!


The Jaxter

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Daryl is such a fidget butt.

He cannot physically hold still when he’s hugging Carol. Just constantly rocking side to side or bouncing around.

He has too many feels and doesn’t know what to do with them, so he just wiggles, and Carol just clings to him because God has she needed a hug like this for so long…

This is their fidgety, bouncy, off-balance, can’t breathe, can’t think, snuggly reunion dance. And it is beautiful!