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It’s the two of us in Central Park and there’s been an announcement that a squirrel is missing. And we lived out in the woods. And we have a song.Let’s sing the song.

Yeah, let’s song the song.




Just made my first margarita without tasting the alcohol and it’s damn good. Hell yea

Margaritas are delicious. Put some pomegranate juice in it with orange snaps and sparkling wine and you get a delicious concoction of awesomeness. 

Anything other than wine? Makes me twitch awkwardly.

What?! Wine is awesome. But if wine makes you twitchy then what does tequila do to you? Even though I am more partial to have vodka and cranberry every now and then! :) you should totally text me because I’m not sleepy!

Can we take a moment to discuss that they probably sat down and said “Let’s make the carylers go nuts tonight” 

That, my friends is how them coming out and holding hands and singing their theme song was born.

Arguments are currently invalid.

All of them.