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Pondering Thoughts and Understanding…

So I have gotten a lot of people asking me what are my thoughts about the “sinking of our ship” and the sailing of the bethyl ship. I have never cared for the idea of taking sides of the “will they, won’t they” scenario. 

The reason why I say this is because this “taking sides” takes away from the show as a whole. I can tolerate both “ships” however, this doesn’t take away my love for all characters within the show’s universe. We can’t judge a show based on a character’s pairing, because it ruins the show when the writers feel it should go to a different direction. 

And to answer what I think about the direction of the show. I’m very indifferent to it, because while there a few beautiful moments there are also those moments that just make me wonder what is the point of this scene—or this character.

For example, Daryl and Beth’s scene in which he’s lying in a coffin and she’s softly playing something was so heartfelt and sweet. I also enjoyed the scene in which Daryl tells Beth there’s the dog out there and she immediately goes out to see because “it’s a dog” it both shows her age and just how tough she is.

However, Daryl and Carol’s scenes show the powerful attraction they have for each other as broken souls. The underlying theme of the Caryl relationship is that there is no need for them to explain themselves they just know, and they just understand. The scene where Carol reminds Daryl that “she liked him first” and that he has to learn to live with the love, symbolizes that she understands that Daryl has trouble with feeling like he’s wanted and needed.  Carol explains to Beth that men like Daryl have a code, and Beth is now realizing just how deep that code is.

I also had someone ask, why does everyone like Carol or want to know about her? And my answer to this is that Carol is the only character whose change is not only the most prominent but the most successful. Carol’s change from abused housewife to survivor is not only the the symbol of how the ZA changes people, but also the hope for survival in the apocalypse. Then the next question was why does everyone like Beth, and my answer to this is because she’s the only one to ever maintain her true self in the apocalypse. Yes, she got tough but it didn’t make her ruthless. She doesn’t like to say goodbye and didn’t cry when Zach died, but she’s maintained her innocence. She lost her father, and yet still believes that their’s good in the world. It’s a beautiful thing. Both characters.

My preference for a relationship for Daryl is Carol’s because no speaking/expression is involved because they developed a connection like this through an understanding of the emotional abuse they have suffered. However, I can also see the preference for Beth and Daryl’s relationship (whether it’s familial or romantic remains to be seen) is because Beth makes him talk and express himself. Whether it’s because she’s so young and inexperienced—she doesn’t have that emotional capacity to understand Daryl’s emotional trauma…yet. 

As for the episode, I honestly don’t like where it’s going because the pacing is just god awful. While we have to see how the group operates separately and also incorporate other characters from the comic—-I feel that its unnecessary to have this amount of time dedicated to this separation. It would have been a lot more paced if that in each closing episode all the groups meet up—each having their own arcs of course.

Using this? Is not good writing/or pacing for me. 

Also, Daryl meeting with the Hunters downright scares me because either A) he goes back to his old ways not giving a shit and drifting or B) he knows they have Beth and is simply going along for the ride.

I just want this season to end, and Scott Gimple to give the reigns to have someone else. 

Thanks for asking, and thanks for reading. If you want you can reply back! I don’t bite. 

A lot of people are surprised about the amount of Carol in S4 trailer, and for the most part it makes the most sense. They are living in this prison that has to be maintained at 120% every single day, especially now that the walkers have seemed to become a bigger threat now. So they have to show a glimpse how everyone is living, surviving and coexisting with each other and Carol (an adult-has to be shown pulling her weight around). I found it to be fantastic that Season One Carol would have never toted a gun around or a knife, but this Carol she’s showing people how to survive and that gives her a sense of command and leadership. 

I am worried that they are going to kill her off within the first half of season 4, I really hope she lasts until the very end. Especially with the scene that Rick is yelling for her. It just shows how much stronger she is and how much of an asset she has become to the group. I’m not going to try and read between the lines and search for the Caryl moments, but having Daryl and Carol walking with each other with him eating and her commenting on the landscape around them is significant. 

It’s reminiscent of the Caryl scene in the first episode, and I would want someone to do a parallel gif set. 

All in all this was an excellent trailer and it just makes me all the more excited for the new season, and oh my goodness Daryl Dixon’s hair. It just makes him so much more feral. It is just fantastic.